Github actions get current branch name . Determining the default branch Retrieving the default branch name Not Found Waiting. GitHub Actions is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that allows you to automate your build, test, and deployment pipeline. . You can fix this by setting the fetch-depth option on the checkout action. 4. See the CHANGELOG for more info on. . @phil-opp has tried hard to clarify the challenge he’d like to overcome:. Using the. . . Use the branches filter when you want to include branch name patterns or when you want to both include and exclude branch names patterns. If the branch is not merged by Github Merge button, you need to specify branch name e. 0. . event. . head. Overview. event. Filters jobs by their completed_at timestamp. . Copy and paste the following snippet into your. To get the current branch name, we can use the following code in our workflow file: steps: - name: Get Current Branch id: current_branch run: echo "Current branch is $ { {. CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME for the branch/tag name. . You can also use git branch [banch-name] to create a branch from your current location, or git branch --all to see all branches, both the local ones on your machine, and the remote tracking branches stored from the last git pull or git fetch from the remote. defaultBranchRef. Actions can communicate with the runner machine to set environment variables, output values used by other actions, add debug messages to the output logs, and other tasks. Hot Network. The below code works for both normal as well as multibranch pipelines. owner and github. Right now the best approach I can think of is to create some type of conditional-step-action that will allow you to input your if condition and then run the step if the branch/tag condition matches. For a step executing an action, this is the owner and repository name of the action. I'm working on an action that triggers on issue_comment and was wondering if there's a way to get ahold of the feature branch from which the comment originated? I'm currently using github. head. run_attempt }}: each time I push I get the number 1. . For our application build number, we are using the total number of commits till date of the repository in the branch building. Default "GIT_BRANCH_NAME". 1 You could use git branch --contains $GITHUB_REF or git_branch=$ (git for-each-ref | grep $ {commit_num} | grep origin | sed "s/. Per your comment, given "The pipeline is running on the main branch" "and the pipeline is triggered on the push event" (bold by me), then there is no source branch any longer. CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG a slug for the branch/tag name. pull_request. css. name: My action name on: pull_request: branches: - 'something/**' #. For more information, see "Disabling and enabling a. dandye$ git checkout -b feature123 origin/master Branch feature123 set up to track remote branch master from origin. . It does provide a default environment variable called GITHUB_REF this. Provide details and share your research! But avoid. In my Github Action, I need to clone another repo on the same branch as the one that triggered the workflow. The GitHub Actions for commiting & pushing to GitHub repository local changes authorizing using GitHub token. git. . steps: - uses: actions/checkout@v2 - name: run build run: | echo "GITHUB_SHA is $ { { github. .
. You could do this to check if the current push event is for a tag starting with v. In which case branch-name is now a distant relative of some-tag but not actually directly related to it. You can also set custom variables for use in a single workflow or multiple workflows. So you need to filter just branch deletions. name: npm Publish on: push: branches: - master tags: - v*. The below action file produces the following error: Error: fatal: couldn't find remote ref refs/pull/1365/merge. . . The most canonical is to read the symbolic ref for HEAD using git-symbolic-ref (1). . To see the description of the environment variables,. context. . When you set a label in a pull request this action can merge the pull request branch to other branch, useful for develop branch or staging environments. The current branch name. name: Create and publish a Docker image on: push: branches: ['release'] pull_request: branches: ['release'] env: REGISTRY: ghcr. GitHub Actions goes beyond just DevOps and lets you. This workflow will trigger when a PR is closed. current_branch }}" # Outputs:. When checking out the repository that # triggered a workflow, this defaults to the reference or SHA for that event. You can use git branch --points-at to find branch names that select some particular commit, and git tag --points-at to find tag names that select some particular commit. event_name == 'pull_request' }} if $is_pull_reuest; then echo "::set-output. base. . # `dependabot. target branch: develop. Set "fetch-depth: 0" in checkout action. On labeled. . Branches are central to collaboration on GitHub, and the best way to view them is the branches page. . git_branch; Supported platforms: ios, android, mac: Author @KrauseFx: 1 Example git_branch Lane Variables. To get git branch name in Jenkins, If it is a multibranch pipeline then we can easily use the env. Run git config user. . 2 Automatically using a branch name](#2-automatically-using-a.

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